The Dodo’s Tale

Migration of Birds is happening every year, specifically in late fall

Life of birds, mostly colored by a process called “migration”. Almost all birds living in the north part of the world migrate to the south part in the near winter until the season comes spring. It is because lack of food and the extreme temperature in the north when winter comes that press the birds to migrate to a warmer place, more livable place.

Birds (Pigeons) Migrate, forming V Formations

One day in late fall, a group of birds migrated as always to the south. They flew in groups making beautiful V formations in the sky. As always, they flew to the south, where foods are abundant, where the temperature is friendly enough in the winter time. But, that time was different, they arrived in an island they had never explored before. That island is called Mauritius.

Mauritius, with all of its wonderfulness

Unexpectedly, the island is way better than any place they ever been to. There are lots of foods around. They even didn’t have to fly high to reach delicious food, because it’s all over the place. Moreover, the best of all is that there wasn’t any sign of predator that threatened them. Surely, that was the place that any birds ever dreamt about.

They continue living in the island until the time has come for them to go back to north. However, they thought that the peace environment, the abundance of food, the safe environment, is way better than the long journey to the north, than the predator along the way, than the environment there which unstable. Then they decided to eliminate the process called “migration” from their life. They then lived there until their peaceful death.

Before (Pigeon)

Years come after years, The birds lived in the island in generation to generation. After several generation, the process called ” evolution” happen to them. There are several things changed in this species. First, their strong and big pair of wings became small and weak as they didn’t need to fly anymore to get some food and they are already so long from forgetting the “migration” process. Then, their skinny and light legs became big and heavy as they use them every day, to walk, to search for food, to do anything, feet is their main organs. Moreover, as they long from knowing enemy, threat, or anything like that, they became fearless, they couldn’t even sense a threat anymore. Years of peacefulness made them living in fearless.

After evolution

One day, after long peaceful life of the island, came some sailors, which decide to take a break to this beautiful island. Turns out, they discovered something unusual. They discovered a species that very much alike a bird but flightless and fearless. They never met something like that before.

Shocked at first, they then lived there with joy. One bird is big enough for one person living for a day. There are lots of them in whole island. The sailors lived there until the last of the birds alive had eaten by them.

The birds had never learnt what is danger, how to fly, and how to save their lives. The birds are all dead and has been claimed extinct since then. It was their peaceful life which made them lazy and stupid. That’s why we called it “dodo” which is Portuguese that means “fool” or “crazy”.

Fossil of Dodo Bird (it was spread all over the island at at first)

The life of this bird clearly shows an example of “foolishness”. In Metaphor, just like we are in the room full of brimming light but we are blinded by the glare of the light. Let this be an evaluator for us. We are living in a great life, in a great environment, society, in everything. However, just don’t let the glare blinded us in any moment.

A Glaring light, don’t let us blinded by “it”

Good Luck for us all!  :)

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