The (un?)Fair World

Mall, With its brimming service and energy

One day, when I enjoyed my drinks in the mall, I realize something BIG! That made me feel so guilty and stupid. I realize that there was so much power consumed in that area that night, for game zone, air conditioning, laps, escalators, lifts, and so much more. We (people there) are so much enjoying the service there. The cool breeze, the bright scenery, the good song, everything.

I remembered back then, when I travelled in the countryside in South of Bandung, Indonesia. There is a village that only has three lamps in whole village which contain almost 300 people.  After the sun set, the brightest light was the moon light. And almost whole villagers goes to sleep after the sun sets. Surely there still is people who guard the village at night, usually they light a fire to gain some light and warmth. However, if there is only three lamps in the village, how can they know what is television, radio, computer, or even internet?

Village, with all of its humbleness

That was just one random sample in Java island in Indonesia which is the most crowded island in the world. How about the other village? other island? other country? There must be lots of similar stories around the globe.

In this real world, whether we are happy or not, we have to face the reality. There is people like us that enjoys city life which fondle us with its complete enjoyable services. Some of us do know that behind that great services, there so much energy consumed in every second we enjoy the services.

However, the energy consumed is produced mostly by the use of hydrocarbon source of energy. Furthermore, the main side effect emerged by use of hydrocarbons is the infamous global warming Which affects all around the world regardless of anything, doesn’t matter where you live, doesn’t matter what you get from life, what service do you enjoy every day. It doesn’t matter how many energy you use, we are getting the same portion of global warming effect in this world.

Yeah, to sum up, there are people that enjoys life with so much energy consumption. There are also people, living with the slightest energy use in their life. However, we all are getting the same impact of global energy consumption. How can this world be fair then?

Global Effect in the world, Impact of some people “enjoyment”

But, to be living in the countryside, leaving the city with all this service, all this energy consumption…

Well, that is a hard decision to make. Even I can’t live like that..

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