Youth Spirit – The Change Maker

One day, A man gave a simple question in front of his audience, “why did the infamous band called ‘The Beatles’, decided to break apart when they are in their peak of popularity?” The audience was in silence, then he answered himself, “because, The Beatles had grown mature.”

The Beatles

At that time, I didn’t quite understand what he said. What is the correlation of Infamous band which break apart in its career peak and maturity of the member? How can maturity affects the band that deep? On top of that, What is MATURITY?


Maturity can be seen in habits and tendencies of mature people.  Mature people tends to make a calculated and realistic move which counted with all its risks and gain. If possible, they have to made the safest move, moves with slightest mistake. Surely, chance of mistakes will minimized by experiences. Mostly self experience, even better if someone else’s experience counted also. Well, realistic move is not bad. However, it is relatively slow due to the time to calculate the gains an risks.


At times, realistic target means shallow target. Mature people tends to lower their previous target because of reality they felt. Yeah, the cool way to say it is ‘realistic’.

No offense, but, some people including me think that realistic means monotonous. It’s okay that you’re survive in this life, it’s not wrong at all. But, my question to you, if you are quite mature, are you satisfied with your survival of your life? Are your the one and only life good enough? colorful enough? Or maybe, it’s just ORDINARY.

Well, I just don’t see enough with only survive. Maybe, some of you feel it too. Yeah, in contrast of maturity, there is a personality called YOUTHFULNESS.


No matter what, stay hungry stay foolish

Who are youths? People who are youthful tend to…

Dream BIG! Youths realize that life occurs only once. Time is not repeatable. That makes youths aim for the BEST! Because, it’s common facts that no one remembers number two.

Careless and foolish. We know that EVERY move we make has its risks. We know that we won’t go through an easy way. We know that we will fall, tackled, or make mistakes. However, when people see risks in every move, we see the other way around. We see opportunities in every risks. As long as qw can still pursue our dream, doesn’t matter what it takes, we will do the best we can!

To sum up, each type of personality has its own good and bad side. It is important not to force anyone to be particular person. Because they have their own right to be themselves.

balance of nature harmony

To be underlined, our time decrease each year, each month, each day, each second, each moment and we are absolutely going to die. From the time which cannot be turned back, we should realize that our life is a precious one. The question we should ask to ourselves every moment is, “what have you done so far? Are you satisfied enough?”

Good for you if you are satisfied. But for us, who feel that our life STILL in the middle of “pursuit”, well, the clock is tickling guys, GOOD LUCK!

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